Fast Foods You Should Try

Fast food has diversified around the world and has become myriad, but each has a special background from his home country, and here you will find some national fast food famous for its delight.

Burrito - Mexico

This meal is not very popular in European countries but it is definitely a favorite of North and Central America, burritos or taco de haringing as it is said in Mexico is a tortilla bread of wheat flour that is cooked steamed to soften it and easy to wrap and the fillings are numerous in peoples but in most of Mexico It is stuffed with fried meat or beans, but this differs in the United States as it is stuffed with a mixture of rice in the Mexican way with fried beans and added to them lettuce, sauce, meat, avocado, cheese, sour cream and the size varies according to demand.

Sushi - Japan

The common ingredient among all types of sushi is rice, where sushi consists of fillings, layers, spices and several sauces that differ from some of them that meet to provide a traditional and contemporary meal at the same time. Sushi met a great popularity around the world from North America to Europe and even in the Arab countries and this dish is made of rice Which wraps with raw slices of fish removed from the skin, or it can be wrapped with sweet filling rice that can be from seafood, vegetables, or others, and these ingredients stick together with a thin sheet of seaweed.

Hamburger- Germany

This meal originated from the city of Hamburg in Germany, but it became famous in the United States with mass immigration. This meal is offered from high-quality ground beef or fried chicken with bread rolls to which various spices and sauces are added, and lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and other Various recipes and best-selling shops in this area: McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King and other British cafes called Hard Rock.

Souvlaki - Greece

This is what is called the Greek hamburger that has been around since the days of Aristotle, which makes it an ancient historical food and makes the Souvlaki from small cubes of grilled meat (lamb or pork) and served in bread with a mixture of cucumber, yogurt and garlic garnished with pieces of grilled tomatoes and onions, and this meal became very popular outside Greece away from it all the way to China and others.

Croissant - France

Croissants are a dough made of butter in the shape of a crescent and can be eaten at all meals and demanded either salty or sweet and not only sold in France, but is one of the internationally known foods and its fillings differ according to the request, it can be filled with ham and cheese or feta cheese, tomatoes and spinach like Greece Croissant is classified as a breakfast or dessert, which can be followed by a cup of coffee, as in Italy.

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