Facts about chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate, some eat it every day, or at least several times a week, and it is considered one of the most beloved food products in the world and is an important part of our lives, but there are many facts we also do not know about chocolate.


Those working in chocolate cultivation are mainly slaves and most of them are children and their numbers range between 56-72 million children and they are often deceived in childhood to grow up and settle in this work for the benefit of others and in an interview with some children he said that he was deceived to start this work he was told that he would gain money, while what he would actually earn is not being beaten most days and not allowed in his life to taste the food he produces.

Chocolate as a money

During the Aztec and May times, chocolate was used as a currency as cocoa beans were of high value as 10 grains were enough to buy a rabbit and a hundred grains were sufficient to buy a slave and the Aztecs adopted these traditions and people bought cattle and food with cocoa beans and some of them were made with clay and the rich and the kings were only those who were able to drink cocoa regularly because it is too expensive.

Shortage of chocolate

Depending on the diseases that afflicted the trees in Latin America, and with the continuous increase in demand for chocolate and with the inability to secure sufficient quantities to satisfy people, which will eventually lead to price increases if these diseases are not controlled.


Chocolate contains a non-caffeine drug called theobromine, but it has a lighter stimulant effect, and research has shown that it is beneficial for coughing, while it separately uses this drug to treat blood pressure diseases and is tested to treat types of cancer, but if it is taken at high levels it may cause poisoning and the most vulnerable to it They are animals and the elderly, so a healthy person should not eat large quantities of chocolate before he is at risk.

Six tons of chocolate

The largest piece of chocolate was created in 2011 that required more than 1700 pounds of cocoa butter and about 1,400 pounds of chocolate drink

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