Christmas Dinner Around The World

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year for families and friends, and it is great to learn about the traditions and customs of cultures around the world and what you do and eat during Christmas.


On the 24th of December, the Danish table contains roast pork, goose or duck, which offers alongside him some potatoes, red cabbage, and a lot of broth followed by the pudding dessert that contains almonds hidden inside, which gives those who find it a "gift of almond" which is wine or beer Winery This day in Denmark usually contains a lot of alcohol.


In the French country, the countryside of Lyon is considered one of the nights that keeps them awake all night. This night is called reveil, meaning "waking up". It includes several dishes of geese, ducks, and shellfish as well, in addition to smoked salmon and sea salad all the way to the stuffed turkey and then candy comes in several forms such as hazelnut cake Or chocolate, bread, flavored and dates next to champagne, the traditional French drink.

United States of America

American habits are similar in English with regard to the dishes presented on the Christmas dinner table as they contain cranberry sauce next to turkey with a sauce and sauce and corn and pumpkin dish and green beans and sometimes it offers beef an alternative to the turkey and after this table comes a dessert time that usually reflects the ethnic background such as pie Apples or pumpkin, carrot cake, oreo pie, and meat pie. In America, meals differ in the regions, where in Hawaii they offer teriyaki, and Virginia offers oysters and pork pie.


One of the traditions of the Netherlands is different from others on this day is "gourmets", where this event takes place in the evening, with groups of families around a group called gourmets using a small skillet to season and prepare food. During the night, sliced ​​vegetables are presented along with types of fish, meat and shrimp accompanied by various fruit and sauces authorities, including them Enjoy a traditional meal consisting of roast beef, ducks, rabbit or roast pork with vegetables and potatoes alongside it.


Joulupöytä and the word translated as "Christmas table", where the Finnish Christmas dinner table contains many different dishes, most of them are only for the festive season and Christmas, the main course is usually large pork, and fish is also served, as well as potatoes Rice and carrots, and the Christmas drink is the traditional wine.

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