Chicken Kofta Recipes (Crunchy and Gluten-free)

Fried and Crunchy Chicken Kofta

Fried chicken kofta is one of the most famous dishes in the middle east, which children and adults love, it can be prepared in an easy and inexpensive way.

Chicken kofta is characterized by its delicious flavor and seasoning and its light taste and crunchy texture, it can be served with rice or appetizers.

Directions to prepare

Level Easy

Serves 5

Prep. time 20 min

Total time 55 min


Half a kilo of ground chicken.

Finely chopped onion.

Half a cup of soft rusk.

1 egg.

1 tablespoon of salt.

¼ teaspoon of black pepper.

Half a teaspoon of curry.

1 teaspoon of mixed spices.

Half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

Directions to prepare fried and crunchy chicken kofta

Place the chicken in a medium-sized bowl and add chopped onions, eggs, rusks and spices, and mix well.

The dough of the chicken is formed into medium-sized circles.

and the rusk is added to it until the outer layer becomes crunchy. Shallow fry in hot oil until golden and crunchy.

In a serving plate, place the fried chicken kofta and serve hot with rice, green salad, and cold juices.

Moroccan chicken kofta

Gluten-free chicken kofta


½ kg ground chicken.

¼ cup olive oil.

¼ cup chopped parsley.

Lemon juice.

1 egg.

½ cup very soft and very crushed rice crackers

(Gluten-free rice).

2 tablespoons rice flour (Gluten-free).

Sea salt.

Directions to prepare gluten free kofta

In a medium bowl mix all ingredients except flour and oil.

Form medium-sized circles.

Shallow fry in hot oil until golden.

Serve with pasta or white rice.

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