Chicken Burger

Many people prefer eating chicken burgers in different restaurants, because of its delicious flavour which is rich in spices, vegetables, hot sauce, and other delicious ingredients.

Some housewives prefer preparing the burger at home, in a healthy way for their kids by applying the following recipe.

Directions to prepare

Level Easy

Serves 5

Prep. time 20 min

Total time 55 min


1 kilo of minced chicken breasts.

½ cup of baked Italian bread crumbs.

Finely grated onion.

1 egg.

2 minced cloves garlic.

Salt and ground black pepper.

Your favourite spices.

2 teaspoons of olive oil.

Directions to prepare chicken burger

The first step:

In a large bowl mix the minced chicken with a quarter cup of the breadcrumbs, onions and the minced garlic in addition to eggs.

Make seasoning with salt, black pepper, and spices.

Mix the ingredients well then form burgers in a flat oval shape.

The second step

Cover burgers with bread crumbs.

The third step

Heat olive oil in a large skillet pan over medium heat.

Fourth and final step

Cook the burgers in hot oil until they become dark brown at their bottom, in a period ranging between 5 to 6 minutes, then flip over the burgers on the other side and cook until the colour of the other side becomes dark brown.

Serve them with fries to your kids at lunch or dinner.