Bizarre Food Ingredients

We know what to eat - especially when we cook at home, but food packages that are produced in large quantities, contain ingredients that you cannot expect, This list reviews some of the unusual ingredients used in cooking today and this is not an old list, this is about the food that we eat now .


Gold is one of the most popular minerals in jewelry, as well as it’s most common uses as a food additive - usually for decorative purposes in the form of golden leaves, and it is very popular as an additive to alcoholic drinks and there are traditional Polish and German liqueurs called Goldwater that contains thousands of small chips, And gold is an inert element in chemistry so it has no nutritional value.

Coal Tar

A red piece was used to color the food at one time, but scientific tests found it to be very carcinogenic, so someone came up with an alternative: allura red AC and it consists of coal tar and flammable coal tar and is often used in medical shampoo designed to kill head lice, while AC allura red AC is not carcinogenic, but it can cause vomiting and other side effects in some people, though, it is very common in sweets and soft drinks.


Cochineal is a kind of red food coloring derived from bedbugs, cochineal is produced by drying and crushing the entire body of an insect, and insects are usually killed by immersing it in boiling water, 155,000 insects are needed to make two pounds of food dye, scarlet has been used for hundreds of years It is also a very common fabric dye.


In the period when cigarette smoking was banned in bars around the world, someone came up with a great idea: If you can't smoke it - eat it! The trick is to take a bottle of alcoholic beverages and drop smoke or two of nicotine - and other chemicals, leak out of the cigarette and spread the flavor and color in the drink. This drink is often called "nicotine tea".

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