Best Szechuan Beef Recipe (Arabic: لحم السيشوان الصيني )

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Chinese cuisine is rich in flavors and distinctive recipes, it is rich in vegetables and delicious sauces, Chinese Szechuan beef is one of the recipes that the Chinese cuisine is famous for and it is quickly and easily prepared, it can be served with noodles or fried rice, and can be prepared in the same steps using chicken or fish or shrimps.

Directions to prepare

Level Easy

Serves 6

Prep Time 20 Min

Total Time 60 Min


4 pieces of beef fillet, cut into medium slices.

2 bell peppers.

1 large onion cut into slices.

1-2 fresh ginger cut into fine julienne.

Quarter cup green cabbage cut into julienne.

6 tablespoons of olive oil.

A large cup of soy sauce.

3 tablespoons cornstarch.

Cup of water.

1 tablespoon of black pepper.

1 tablespoon of dried coriander.

1 teaspoon ginger powder.

2 tbsp roasted sesame.

Szechuan beef vs Mongolian beef

Directions to prepare Szechuan Beef

Season the meat with three tablespoons of olive oil, three tablespoons of soy sauce, black pepper, dry coriander, and ginger, and set aside.

Cut the vegetables into julienne.

In a saute pan, put the rest of olive oil, then add the steaks of beef for sauteing for 7-10 minutes.

Add vegetables except cabbage and stir well.

In a bowl, mix the water with the rest of the soy sauce and starch and stir well.

Add the sauce and vegetables to the beef, stir well, until the beef absorbs the sauce.

Add the rest of the ingredients gradually until the meat is tender and the sauce becomes thicker.

Add cabbage and sesame immediately before serving.

Szechuan Beef is served mainly with Chinese noodles.

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