Animals eaten while alive

Updated: May 8, 2020

Lobsters are animals that cook alive but may be dangerous if they die before cooking, as bacteria spread faster than usual, but this differs when the animal you will eat is still alive. These are some examples of animals eaten while they are alive.

Snackfish Octopus

It is a small octopus that is served in Korea with sesame oil and seeds, either served whole or cut off its edges, and is presented live and comes out to the customer directly and chews claws and straws while they are alive, it can be stuck in the throat of those who eat them.

Sea urchin

It is a common practice in Italy to catch your sea urchin and eat it live called "Ricci di Mare" and the edible part is the roe and it has a special tool to open and take out the animal and can be eaten with a spoon or licked with their tongues, but care must be taken with the thorny hedgehog nature.

Odori ebi

A type of sashimi that contains a small shrimp served with the rest of the shrimp alive and still moving his legs. Shrimp can be dipped in alcohol to facilitate eating and die only in the end when chewing and is considered one of the expensive foods because serving it live requires skill and high speed.

Ant authority

This salad is served with crawling ants and it is cooled slowly and it is supposed to taste like lemon grass, and there is no difference if it is chilled or not, so the fact remains that there are ants that walk in your lettuce leaves and consume insects in many cultures and the price of this power reaches 300 dollars for that of it's easier to add some sugar in your backyard to get some ants for your salad.

Sashimi frog

This dish that caused a sensation and the reason for that is due to the way it was prepared by bringing the frog alive in front of the client and removing the piece of sashimi (the skin) from it and cutting it in a cold dish and boiling the rest of it to make soup.

Despite the inconvenience it causes to most people, it does not end up here, the frog's heart is still eaten and still beats regardless of the taste.

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