Healthy and Wholesome Middle Eastern Breakfast Recipes

Try healthy and wholesome middle eastern breakfast recipes, to give a little twist to the first meal of your day, Breakfast is something that is considered the most important part of the day and if it is filled with health benefits then it will also become the perfect thing to start your day as you will be more energetic.


But when we think about cooking something different in the morning we do plan a lot but always end-up not cooking them because we can’t find the recipes that are easy to cook and have ingredients that can easily be found in the market. That is not the case with healthy and wholesome middle eastern breakfast recipes, as they are getting more and more popular day by day. From hummus to falafel, they have taken over the street foods of every country, as they are easy to cook and are healthy as well. 


If you are thinking of trying these healthy and wholesome middle eastern breakfast recipes, then ‘Cooking with Lubna’ is the correct place for you, as here we celebrate food, be it from any part of the world. As we know that middle eastern cuisines are a mix of dishes from different parts of the middle eastern countries, hence they are guaranteed to fill your plate with flavors. We are trying to create a community full of people who are just bored with their everyday cooking routine and want to try something different. So check-out our recipes and become a part of our cookery tribe.